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Preet Gill

We had the honour to host Britain’s first female Sikh MP - Ms Preet Gill. Ms. Gill is British Labour Co-op Politician and serves as an MP for Birmingham - Edgbaston.


Our host Namrata Joshi discusses her journey as woman entering politics and breaking stereotypes. As the Shadow Secretary of DFID, she shares the organisation’s goals and targets keeping in mind the impact of the global pandemic.

Ajit Veerappan

We had the honour to host Founder & MD of ABI Health and Warwick Alumni - Mr. Ajit Veerappan.


In this episode, our host Devayani Patiwana and Mr. Veerappan discuss his entrepreneurial journey in the pre and post-COVID world. He also shares his vision to revolutionise the healthcare industry.

Leslee Udwin

We have with us Leslee Udwin - director, activist and the maker of the famous documentary ‘India's Daughter’. 'India's Daughter' won several accolades across the world and sparked a movement in India for women's rights and freedom of speech.


She speaks with our host Sanika Savdekar about the making of the documentary, the challenges Indian society faces, and how the process inspired her to create Think Equal.

Seema Kushwaha

We had the honour to host one of India’s most influential lawyer - Seema Kushwaha . A strong woman, she diligently and patiently fought the 8 yearlong battle after the 2012 Nirbhaya rape case and brought justice to Nirbhaya (Jyoti) and her family.


Our host Saisha Jaggi and Seema ji discuss her difficult legal battle and the challenges she overcame while fighting for justice.


We had the honour to host famous Indian TV & Film Director Onir. He has directed award winning films such as ‘I am’ and ‘My brother Nikhil’.


Speaking about LGBTQ activism in India, our host Jahnavi Sharma and guest speaker discuss about Bollywood and how being an openly gay director has altered his experiences in the industry.

Bela Sheth-Mao

We had the honour to host Senior Partner at Deloitte India who is also an alumna of the prestigious Indian Revenue Service - Bela Sheth Mao.


Our host Shourya Ghai and Ms. Bela discuss the current state of the Indian Economy. She also throws light on the impact of COVID-19 on businesses, the skills emerging from the pandemic and the new ‘WFH’ norm.

Tanmay Goswami

We have with us Mr Tanmoy Goswami, the Sanity Correspondent for The Correspondent. Mr Goswami has had a colourful career, ranging from a role in business journalism to mental health today.


He discusses mental health in the age of COVID and how to deal with the problems we may be facing with Aryan Aneja.

Gaurav Natekar

We had the honour to host a former Indian tennis champion and Arjuna awardee - Gaurav Natekar. His talent and determination led him to represent India at the Asian Games 1994 where he was a double gold medalist.


Our host Isha Tripathi discusses the impact of COVID-19 on sports and the lives of sports players across the globe. He also throws light on the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics.

Atul Khatri

Originally a businessman and now one of India's most famous stand up comedians, Mr Atul Khatri took to performing in front of large numbers and has been winning hearts since.


Our host Namrata Joshi is in conversation with him about his ‘Positive News Only’ episodes. He highlights the importance of staying mentally healthy and positive during these times and shares his routine tips with us. Watch it to find out more!

Nikhil Pahwa

Mr. Pahwa is the founder of Medianama, a TED Fellow, and the co-founder of In 2015, he partnered with AIB to help spread the message of the importance of Net Neutrality for India. Since, he has been a leader in digital rights activism in India.


He joined us to have a conversation with our host, Aryan Aneja, about Contact Tracing in India and how apps such as Aarogya Setu can be more harmful than beneficial in the fight against COVID-19.

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