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The Watchdog - Issue 2 | December 2021



A unique reader experience that will venture you to “read in between the lines” through our forthcoming novel characters. These characters will spark conversations that will instil afterthoughts and lead you to cogitate about pertinent, quotidian issues across the globe, and take you from the hackneyed experience of reading to regale and engage. Our raconteur, The Watchdog aims to mediate the conversations centred around each of our pieces. Along with a supporting cast, the male and female characters, they aim to facilitate this discussion.

A big thank you to the talented range of writers who have contributed to The Watchdog - your perspectives have shaped this edition.

Thank you to the marketing and design team who tirelessly worked on the execution of our characters and the overall look of The Watchdog.

This edition of The Watchdog would not have been possible without our official sponsors for 2021-22; Westwood Student Mews (Homes for Students) and Accenture. 

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