The Periodical - Issue 1 | May 2021

We are delighted to share the first edition of The Periodical for the academic year of 2021-22! Isha Tripathi and Yukta Jain, as the new Co-Editors of the Periodical, have curated pieces that have adhered to the overarching theme of ‘Environment’.


The nuances of ‘Environment’ have been inculcated in the design of this edition by the Marketing and Creative Design team: Krisha Manghnani, Khush Lakhani, and Ananya Sureka. In collaboration with Warwick Photo Society, the Periodical features snaps from its executive members. 


The editorial piece explores and observes the notion of green capitalism and its erring on the side of greed. To prospect the driving force behind our childhoods, Shourya Ghai reviews the book ‘A Ride of a Lifetime’ by Bob Iger, the former CEO of the Walt Disney Company. For a quick food fix to help you excel exam season, Juilee Narkar’s Pad Thai recipe will boost you for preparation.


In conversation with Warwick Bollywood Dance Society’s president, Qaim Suhail, the Periodical reveals the motivation behind their act of giving back - the need of the hour. With photos that embody the notion of ‘petrichor in pictures,’ we embrace the theme of the environment with contributions from Navya Mohan, Aryan Arora, Ishika Kataria and Rutvi Shah.

This edition of the Periodical would not have been possible without our official sponsors for 2021-22; Westwood Student Mews (Homes for Students).