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The Periodical - July 2022 Issue 

We are thrilled to present the first issue of the Periodical for this year!
The Periodical has been designed to serve as a means for students to express themselves and unleash their creative potential, so this edition’s theme is as personal and relatable as it gets: ‘Coming of Age’. 

In this edition, you will find diverse ‘coming of age’ accounts, each expressed in their unique form and telling their unique story. The pieces we’ve received are real, raw, and powerful, with the authors reflecting on their experiences, learnings, and the challenges that come with growing up and entering a new stage in their lives.

As the Editors of this publication, we must thank all those who have contributed to this edition with many interesting and thought-provoking articles, poems, and photographs. This edition also includes our signature Word of the Month and a fun coming-of-age pop-culture-themed crossword for you to solve on a lazy summer afternoon!

We hope you enjoy reading this edition as much as we enjoyed curating it, and hope that you return for the next, which we promise will be equally exciting and enjoyable. Until then, happy reading!

The Periodical - Nov 2021 Issue

It is our pleasure to share the second edition of The Periodical for the academic year 2021-22! 


In this edition, we introduce our newly appointed team members, Jai Chhabra and Jia Doshi who have indulged in producing and culminating content of this creative publication centered around the recreational theme of Entertainment.

Our editors Yukta Jain and Isha Tripathi have curated the Editorial on the business of OTTs making its place while the world was suffering from Covid-ridden penitentiary. The recipe section of this edition will let you dig why Korean delicacies are one to savour. The movie review analyses the layers of the biopic and the fortitude of  the unknown political martyr.


Moreover, the career insights by Arjun Jethwa are one to make a note of in this competitive application season. The snapshot section will let you “picture it” from altogether varying perspectives. An interview with the startup wizard Varun Balsara might be of great help if you wish to start your entrepreneurial journey.

The authenticity in design of ‘Entertainment’ has been rightly shouldered by the Marketing and Creative Design team: Krisha Manghnani, Khush Lakhani, and Ananya Sureka. Their efforts are laudatory.

This edition of the Periodical would not have been possible without our official sponsors for 2021-22; Westwood Student Mews (Homes for Students). 

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